Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the marketing strategy which includes the creation, sharing and publishing of the relevant and valuable content to attract more user and drive profitable consumer action. Content Marketing can be used to change from earned to owned media. The information can be shared as content in various forms such as infographics, white papers, e-book, e-mail newsletter, case studies, podcasts, question and answers, press release and blogs.

Content Marketing is an essential for Reputation Management. Content Marketing can be persuade as an art to communicating with the customer without selling anything so that to influence their behaviour. Websharan Infotech employ such content marketing strategies where customers stop, read, think, behave and act differently. Content Marketing can be said as an ongoing process which is not focused on renting media, instead owning it.

Content Marketing forms the back bone of  various types of marketing strategies such as social media marketing, ppc marketing, seo marketing and inbound marketing. Content Marketing helps to reach out to the costumers make them understand better about your services or you are currently offering some offers. Content Marketing can be used as an asset when it comes to search engine optimization.


4 steps of buying cycle in Content Marketing are : Awareness, Research, Consideration and Buy. Content Marketing can be very helpful in boosting the ranking for a particular keywords

Interviews Writing - Content Marketing Strategy

Let us help you out to spread word about your business globally and gain authority in your industry through content marketing. You will immediately see response from targeted audience. 


Press Releases - Content Marketing Strategy

It is official announcing about the services you offer to reach out audience globally and locally. Our Content Marketing experts perform Online PR for the local newspaper editions of the target countries.

White Papers - Content Marketing Strategy

Authoritative guide which concisely informs readers about the complex issues and company's norms. Content Marketing can be viewed as a way persuading customers and partners by promoting a viewpoint.



Content Marketing certainly changes the image or the perception of the customer for a particular brand. What Google want is plagiarised free content, relevant content, high quality content and thick content. Content Marketing initiates a buyer driven environment. Great Content can be considered as a key to Digital Marketing. 



Content Marketing

Content Marketing can help achieve what advertising is done for trust building, creating awareness about the current offers. Content Marketing can give out exclusive benefits such as Increased Brand Awareness, Increased Brand Preference, Greater Reach at Low Cost to the organisation.